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You may have noticed that this plan is limited to 6 businesses at any given time… And that is correct.

As I stated many times, I don’t want this to become a burn & churn agency where we just take as much from you as we can and vanish. So, the plan is limited to a maximum of 6 businesses at the same time.

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How This Package Works?

This package is meant to be an affordable solution for small businesses that are not in a stage where they can hire a full-time marketer or pay for all the services of an agency.

Nowadays, many startups and small businesses find themselves hiring a bunch of inexpensive freelancers to perform different tasks. While this can be somewhat convenient, it requires more time and effort to manage different people for different tasks that could be consolidated into a single solution.

My solution to this problem was to create a few openings that would allow us to offer all these different services in a single package.

More consistency across every task + Less time you spend making sure everything is right.

Now, this is not a plan to market your business across 65 different platforms, 45 states, 3 countries, 2 continents, and all media outlets out there. This is rather a plan to help you manage the marketing tasks with more consistency. Plus: guidance, handling of many technical aspects, managing your website, and constant support.

Eligibility Requirements:

Please Remember:

This is a goodwill offer created to help a limited amount of entrepreneurs, startups, or struggling businesses. While we reserve the rights of admission, we also believe in trusting each other. 

If you are not eligible or don’t really need this plan, please do not apply. Otherwise, we would love to hear from you! 🙂

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