Buckle Up! Grow Your Business With Genius Execution of Effective Advertising & Digital Marketing

No-fluff digital marketing and SEO to bring you quality leads. Double down on your efforts by combining the known principles of direct response marketing with today’s technology and precision.

Give Your Business a Boost

For Businesses

Working as an in-house team or as an outsourced consultant to help you in your marketing tasks. 

What EJ Does For You

I combine the principles of direct response marketing with branding and inbound marketing tactics (I help you get more clients)

For Agencies

Let us handle all the technical tasks and bring ideas so you can spend your time scaling your agency.

Your Outsourced "In-house" Marketing Team - And A Bit More...

For medium-sized and regional businesses, outsourcing is a way of increasing results by multiplying efforts at a lower cost. 

For SMALL and LOCAL businesses, outsourcing marketing tasks is an extremely affordable way of getting professional results by professional people, without the cost of actually hiring a full in-house team.

What’s best of all, you DON’T need to worry about adding 10 different services that end up costing $10K/month.

The plans and packages are meant to cover the different needs of a business, both online and offline. 

(It’s like hiring an assistant who actually knows marketing OR like hiring professionals at the cost of an assistant)


Integrated Marketing

Digital Marketing should be seen as a unified effort instead of a plethora of isolated tasks. For example, PPC ads are more effective when used in conjunction with SEO tactics. The services are tailored to suit your needs while respecting your budget. Aiming to increase your digital marketing results without ignoring some of your traditional marketing needs. 

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram ads are extremely effective. Reach your audience with brand recognition strategies and campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Less than 5% of people get to the second page of Google. Get found easier and rank first on search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo)

Web Development

Beautiful designs, high performance, and effective user experience. Websites should drive action and customer engagement.

PPC and Ad Management

46% of people visit the top 3 paid advertising positions on Google. And there's also Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, and Native ads.

But It Doesn't Stop There

Need creative help with banners, billboards, stationery, packaging, brochures, and flyers? We handle Print Designs too.

A Mix Of Experience, Enthusiasm & Creativity

We want to become an extension of every team we work with. As a complete team, each one of us focuses on what each can do best (meaning that designers design, developers develop, and writers write)

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe
"Had I known that this partnership was going to work so well I wouldn't have hesitated at first. I'm not only impressed but extremely satisfied with the team and the results."
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Are We A Good Fit?

Follow the right process to save time and effort. 3 Easy Steps are all it takes to know if we are a good fit to work together.

Want to design a beautiful brochure or a billboard ad? You’re in the right place.

Your website is not getting you clients? Let’s fix that too.

Need help with local, regional, or even national SEO? You’ve got it.

Your social media is not working for you? Let’s take a look at that.

Want to A/B test your ads and track your user’s behaviors so you can optimize them for conversions? Yes, I understand the jargon.

Exploration Consultation​

The first step is to learn your story and know where you're coming from, the struggles, and your market. This information ensures we understand where you can improve.

Optimization Audit​

We break down and analyze the gathered information and your current efforts to come up with an audit that perfectly frames the picture of your business goals.​

Precise Plan Of Action​

We provide you with crystal clear methods to implement this into your business right away, so that you can start sharing your story, and dominating your market space.​

Grow Your Image On The Web & Social Media

If you want to grow your business or scale your agency, but end up seeing unsatisfactory results, we can help. Working with us means that you will spend less time with the technical aspects of digital marketing and more time growing your business.